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Shana Carr The Star -- In Progress
New Headshots-In Progress

Shana & Jeff Creating New Headshots! :)

These are new headshots that we are experimenting with.

We will be trying to manipulate back-lighting, shadows and other details of the photos so that I can use them for auditions and promoting myself... BIZ Headshots, in other words! :)

Please keep in mind that these are only rough copies, but we will post better PIX as soon as we play around with it some more, finding just the right ones to actually use! :)

We just happened to start taking these headshots last Saturday night after I Wenched at the Medieval Manor (about 2am)!! Hehe! :)

Please, feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions as to which headshots I should use... Thank You! :)

Click on this pic:



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