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Shana Carr The Star: Incognito

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Shana Carr
Me BEFORE I started getting my EYEBROWS WAXED! Haha!



This was ME just out of Grad School... my first professional headshot (or in this case, a 3/4 shot)... it has been just a little while since then... HA!

Shana Three-Quarter Shot

I'm one to sing at the drop-of-a-hat, rain-or-shine! Better get your galoshes!! :)


Me and my Significant-Other, Jeff, posing for a picture before attending a Luau with my brother and sis-in-law, Wes and Kim, while visiting our Maui Parents, Kimo and Sandy Carr.

Shana and Jeff at a Luau in Maui

This is my Guicello

Heyyyyy, this is as EASY as playing the ol' Geeeetarrr... YeeeHAW!! This is called my Guicello! 

Below is My New Cover Photo for my Bluegrass Folky CD coming out someday!! Hehehe! :)

Shana and Mandolin at Karen's Kool Cabin (August 2001)

As you can see, I have been teaching myself to play the Mandolin... this particular instrument (above) is a Martin Backpacker Mandolin, which Jeff and I grabbed in Colorado a couple of years ago along with a Martin Backpacker Guitar!! YeeeeeeeeeeHAW! :) We have been having lotsa FUN noodling around on them! :) I've been practicing the ol' guitar, as well... Jeff helps me with some chords here and there! VERY COOL! :)


Above:  Jeff's gift to me for Christmas a couple of years ago was a Geniune Washburn Banjo!!  What a GORGEOUS & BEAUTIFUL sounding instrument!!  Guess what the first song was that I taught myself... You got it... Click Here... Haha! 

--I can also play "Amazing Grace"!!  FUN!  With PICKS on my fingers and ALL!  YeeeeHawwww!

Below you will see a sample of my Music Composition... If you would like to hear it and view the music at the same time, just go to the "Shana-the Composer" page... To listen now on this page, just CLICK ON THE TITLE BELOW:

"Angry Liszt" Composed by Shana Carr (5/14/01)

I may act like a GOOFBALL sometimes, but I am FAR FROM one of these:

Dumb Blonde... NOT

ShaNellie!! :)

And... of course I am A WENCH... Wench Nellie, that is, and I always WILL be!!!  I was at The Medieval Manor here in Boston, MA for 5 years and it was a BLAST!!  I made some really good friends there and it's a clean, tight-knit Company and Show! Such a fun group of people to perform with and SUCH talent throughout the Company! :)

By the way... this is where I learned how to juggle, in a literal sense... Thanks to my friends Squeegie, Thud-Lush-Monty-Tookie-Tookie, and of course The KING (among others) for your patience and support as I stood at the front door tirelessly practicing and learning to "somewhat" master this curious artform... Thanks to my Bro, Wesley, for one of my sets of balls...

Another Human Interest story... Jeff had two sets of THREE balls... the exact SAME two sets as the ones I owned, before we even MET... I bet you've never heard that in a LOVE STORY before... gives a whole NEW meaning to Harlequin Romance, wouldn't you say?  HA!!  

My Manor Buddies

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Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
Geeeez, how can I chose?--
Well, One that popped into my mind... "The Princess Bride" is one of my favorites...
"Grease", "Xanadu", "Alien", "Poltergeist", "The Changeling", "The Dark Crystal", "Beverly Hills Cop", "Airplane", "Young Frankenstein", "Tootsie", "Plan Nine from Outer Space"(Dad discovered that one in the middle of the night--lots of laughs coming from our living room whenever it was broadcast in the wee hours), ALL of the "Pink Panther" movies (Peter Sellers was a genius), the "Cheech and Chong" movies and "The Breakfast Club" are among some of them when I was younger...
"American Beauty", "Groundhog Day", just about anything with Jim Carrey or Robin Williams in it, like "The Grinch" and "Mrs. Doubtfire"... the "Naked Gun" movies, "Like Water for Chocolate", the "Austin Powers" movies, "Uncle Buck", "Four Weddings and a Funeral", "Sense and Sensibility", "Shakespeare in Love", "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", Kenneth Brannagh's version of "Much Ado About Nothing", "There's Something About Mary" and of course with one of the GREATEST and most brilliant actors alive (Sir Anthony Hopkins) "Silence of the Lambs" ... Care for a little Chianti? HA!... TO BE CONTINUED...

**I have also been influenced by a couple of friends... Elizabeth and Jeff... to watch the Classics, like Gene Kelly and Fred Estaire movies, Broadway Musicals (what FUN homework that is) and Alfred Hitchcock movies, to name a few... Jimmy Stewart is the MAN! :)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? -- Motion Picture Soundtrack

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:


I'm quite eclectic when it comes to music... but I am that way in general. I NEVER limit myself! :)

For example: I downloaded "Chicken Train" by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils the other day!! I LOVE IT!! That song, Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man", and "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night were some of my favorites as a child... Wes and I would just love singing them! :)

I'm a Soprano and I like Broadway, Classical and Jazz, but I started out loving Rock-N-Roll... I LOVE Metallica and Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, but then again, I also love Bluegrass, Old-Timey and Country! ;)
Click below to see one of my most favorite songs/videos of all time!

"Silent Lucidity" by QUEENSRYCHE

Check me out!

Speaking of music... Did I mention that I play the violin? Indeed, I do, however, I DO... admit that I should practice more often.

Even though singing had already been a love of mine, since my birth... Violin was also my passion before I discovered Swing Choir in the 8th grade... Thank YOU, Micki, for encouraging me to audition! :)

From then on, I juggled those two... Did I mention I juggle?... (Plus, Softball, Tennis and Horseback Riding in the desert with my Colorado Dad) until my early twenties and then took a long hiatus from the violin... then, I met Jeff and he helped hurl that passion back into my life once again, not to mention MANY OTHER passions I had not yet discovered... he rented a violin for me and a cello for himself, for he had always wanted to learn to play this instrument... and may I brag a little?... Okay, Thank You... He picks up the cello (out of nowhere) as he does with many other types of instruments and starts to play it in no time, no problem! Other instruments he plays include the guitar, as well as, many wind instruments...

Anyway... about ME... HA... Below, I had fun with the computer cam the other night as I had "part" of a bottle of chardonnay! Michelle... shhhh! :) HEHE! :)

Shana with her Violin and Jeff's Cello in the background

Kimo Carr on the Bass Fiddle
I suppose I might have picked-up the Ol' CARR MUSIC BUG along the way! ;) Ya think?

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Check out Jeff's Superpages!! It is one of the Top Websites in the World (Number 40)!! Jeff designed the Search Engine, etc., for!! WOW!! :) It handles a LOT of traffic... millions of pages/day!! :)

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