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Shana Carr The Star: Incognito

My Headshot & Resume


Shana Carr

Click on this pic (above) for Shana's 2005 updated headshots by Linda Holt!


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Come see BROAD COMEDY at the Stuart Street Playhouse in Boston!!

pink - dont let me get me ::

Below: Shana Carr The Star appears as Lady Hertford in "The Prince and the Pauper" at the Wheelock Family Theatre in Boston.
"This was interesting because I learned the role in two days, YES, two days... I was asked to cover the role for someone who fractured her ankle.  I ended up finishing the run of the show and I have to say it went rather well!"

Lord St.John, King Henry VIII and Lady Hertford

Shown above are Dan Dowling as Lord St. John, Neil Gustafson as King Henry VIII and Shana Carr as Lady Hertford in THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER at the Wheelock Family Theatre.

Shana Carr as Ernestina Money in "Hello Dolly"
"Like my costume?  I felt quite fabulous when I wore it, daaaahling!" :)

Shana as Ernestina Money in "Hello Dolly"

Below:  Shana Carr as Wench Nellie at The Medieval Manor in Boston... however, she has retired... she hung-up the ol' Wench "Biker" Boots and is now headed for the stars!! :)

"I recently finished my 5th year of  performing at the Manor and I will always treasure those years as Wench Nellie... what a GREAT gig with excellent experience being continuously in front of audiences and I made some nice friends along the way!!" :)

Wench Nellie at The Medieval Manor

Objective: I have yet to find one... Success? Money? Stardom? Food? Shelter? :)

Hmmmm... That sounds like a good start! :)


To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills... OH YAAAAA, THAT'S IT!! :)

Reviews and Publicity:

Article about Shana in the Grand Junction, CO Daily Sentinel, 9/11/98

Ernestina acknowledges Shana's "lovely" picture within her article! :)

Shana actually made it into her hometown newspaper, The Daily Sentinel, 9/11/98!! Wow! I was sure excited when this happened... I had not been in our newspaper before...

The Daily Sentinel serves practically the whole Western Slope of Colorado!! COOL!

Let me explain: I wrote a letter to the person who was organizing the Fruita Monument Highschool Class of '88' Reunion and told them what I had been up to since Graduation... Subsequently, I got a phone call from a Miss Rachel Sauer from the Sentinel requesting an interview...

So, I had a two-hour lunch and interview with Rachel the day that the Reunion festivities were to begin... I was one of five of my classmates to be interviewed and one of about twenty who were interviewed who attended other highschools in the Grand Valley area. We all ended up in the Daily Sentinel that Fall in a "who's who"-type of series for the Class of '88' Reunions from the summer of '98...
I certainly felt quite special and honored! How FUN! :)

I certainly enjoyed my conversation with Rachel and she did a WONDERFUL job on this article, even if there are just a couple corrections that I might point out, apologetically:

**I did not earn Equity Points at The New London Barn Playhouse (this is a non-Equity summerstock in which I spent 10 long and hard weeks of the summer of '97, which I might add was a very good experience)...
**Plus, the location was in New London, New Hampshire-- not in New London, Connecticut.

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