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Shana Carr The Star: Incognito

Vacation Photo Album in Dire Need of an UPDATE!

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Trapper's Challenge 2000

Gnarly Trees, Dude -- Above Wall Lake -- Trapper's Challenge 2000

Having lost the other 10 members of the company to fatigue, laziness and rabid coyotes, the intrepid Jeff scales a nearby mountain "To See The Other Side".

Below, you see two lovely ladies(My Mom and Myself)in front of a cabin... this just happens to be Karen's Kool Kabin! :) It has been in our family for almost a year now and it shall be an exciting meeting place for our family and close friends for MANY years to come!

Shana and Mom at The Cabin

Karen's Kool Kabin

Above is another front view of Karen's Kool Kabin

I may include a link to the current weather conditions at our vacation spot below.

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Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Campmor Italy

This 6 person semi-inflatable weighs only 3034 1/2 lbs. and rolls up into a small semi-trailer. Cannot be strapped under a backpack or to a bicycle. Duffel bag converts into air pump, but we don't see how this is helpful. Not recommended for extended camping trips. Paddles included (gondolier sold separately).

All of us at Karen's Cool Cabin- August 2001

Whew! We're almost there... NOT! Quite the hike... but at least this was downhill the rest of the way! :)

Giant Elk Poop

Take a WILD guess as to what this is!
--Hint: ELK! :) (Summer 2000)

Jammin' Shana on Mandolin at Mom's Cabin (August 2001)

Shana's Fruit Pies (Thanksgiving 2001)

Shana's Spinach Salad (Thanksgiving 2001)

Jeff in Trail Boat

Ahhh, the Peace, Quiet, and Serenity... alone, at last... separated from the clan by a mere quarter mile of water... but, ohhhh, how good it feels to have this tiny boat all to myself... HEYYYY, Shana, stop skipping rocks!! You're scaring the fish away!!

View From The Cabin

Above is a view from the deck of the cabin in CO! :)

Wes, Mom, Kim and Dad (behind the tree) on a hike up by the cabin

Wes, Mom, Kim and Dad (behind the tree) on a hike up by the cabin

Lobster Dinner Jeff cooked on Easter 2000

Did I mention that Jeff is a chef? Well, he IS and was one for 9 years and he worked in Five-Star restaurants, such as, The Porch at The Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, CO around the time he was about to do his Master of Engineering at CU! :)

Well, above, you will see the Yummy "Lobsterfest" feast that Jeffrey prepared for Myself, Wes and Kim on Easter 2000, while they were here visiting... Wes got to pick out his own lobster and everything, as you will see below!

Wes and his Lobster

WOW! Check out my BDAY Dindin Jeffrey cooked! Yummmmy! MORE Lobster... June 6th, 2001! :)

My BDAY Dindin, June 6th, 2001

Thanksgiving 2001:
Jeff roasted a leg-of-lamb w/ bordelaise sauce and roasted veggies, home-made stuffing with roasted chestnuts and squash soup (from roasted squash), plus homemade cranberry sauce... I made a spinach salad and two mixed fruit double-crusted pies --the filling included apples, cherries, cranberries and pears!! :) Yummmmy!! :) We had Elizabeth join-in on the "feast-ivities" (teehee)!! :) Quite decadent, indeed!! :)

Thanksgiving 2001

Shana Makin' Pies (Thanksgiving 2001)

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