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Shana Carr The Star: Incognito

My 'Grapevine' Rather Than a 'Family Tree' Photo Album

In HONOR of Our Brother, Dad, Son, Cousin, Uncle and Friend, Thomas James Carr (October 7, 1956-January 21, 2006)... "Thanks for your TIME! You are my SUNSHINE! I Love You! I Miss You! May you be at PEACE!!"

dido - thank you ::

Thank You, Jeff and My Family for 'Giving Me the Best Day of My Life'!!  I Love You!
On this page I'll describe each member of my family... which is undoubtedly a TRICKY task, since our family is so spread out and "removed" several times...hehehe! :)
*We have some fairly NEW ADDITIONS to the family!!  One is Katelyn Jewell Carr, born on November 7th, 2003 to Welsey & Kim Carr... YAAAAAAY!!  PLUS, we have a newly discovered (a couple of years ago) half-sister, Michele Rene Wood, born on June 21st, 1966 & her Hubby (Vinny), who we finally go to meet back in Nov., 2005 and we have also met most of her family, except two of her Girls, Christina & Brit, who I look forward to meeting in person someday soon!!  WILD, huh?
* I need to update this Family Page with PIX now...

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Me & My Life Partner, Jeff - XMAS 2005!! :)

Me & Mommy XMAS 2005!!

NICE TIES!!!  XMAS 2005!! :)

Boy, DO THEY LOOK GOOOOD!! These are my Colorado Parents, Gerald Glen Slaugh and Karen Jane Slaugh... they raised myself and Wesley to be a couple of REALLY interesting individuals... I will always be indebted to them for most of my interests and values... Thank You, Mom and Dad for everything you are, and everything you MEAN to me!! :)

Mom and Dad at Steph's Wedding

Cheers! :)

Cheers, to Mom and Dad!! :)

My Colorado Family in the 70's

This is my Colorado Family sometime in the 70's... frightening! Just kidding! We were kind of cute, I think! Nice Burns, Dad... beautiful bowl-cut, Wesley and ME... MOM what the hell did ya do to my HAIR? I look like Goldie Locks! Hahaha! Mom you always looked good! :)

By the way, for those of you who do not think that I am a true blonde, take a GANDER at the picture above... Now, mind you, I'm talking about the color of my hair and not the intelligence factor! :)

Love of My Life, Jeff & Me Christmas Eve 2004
XMAS Eve Party at Nicole's House in Worcester, MA

Grandpa Kenny Melson

Above you see my Grandpa Kenny Melson. In his Day, he and my late Grandma Judy Melson were avid bowlers and won COUNTLESS trophies where they lived in the Salton Sea area of CA! :) They raised my Mom in Garden Grove, CA and ended up living in Colorado close to all of us... It was always a joy having Grandma and Grandpa close and we had lots of fun on Holidays and camping, etc... My Grandma Judy was a beautiful and loving person and is missed every day!  As of May Day, 2002... I am sorry to say that Grandpa Kenny, too, has passed away!  We will miss him terribly... but, he lived a good life and that provides some comfort for our loss... WE LOVE YOU, GRANDPA!!

Below, you see a MUCH better picture of Grandpa Kenny Melson with Mom at Wes and Kim's wedding on Sept. 25th, 1999. He was "ALL slicked-up" in this photo! Hehehe! :)

Mom and Granpa Kenny at Wes and Kim's Wedding, Sept. 25th,  1999

My Colorado Sister, Debra

Above, waving at us, is my Colorado Sister, Debra. Mom and I surprised Deb and the kids and Dad on Memorial Day Weekend 2001, when I came driving up to the cabin out of nowhere from Boston/Cambrige!! :) You should have SEEN the looks on their faces, especially Debra's..teehee!! :) This picture is from that weekend! :)

Sam and Me at South Fork, July 4th, 2003

Ashley at South Fork, July 2003

Chase with Sneaky Snake, Southfork 2003

Above are My COLORADO Nieces & Nephew (Samantha, Ashley & Chase). They are in Colorado and are going/went to the same schools that Wes and I went to and they even have/had some of the same teachers!  Our Colorado Dad grew up in this area and also went to the same schools! :) 
Samantha has a baby now (Steven Riley) and Ashley GRADUATED from FMHS last year and is already in college... Chase is at FMHS now!!  My gosh, where does the time go?? :)

Here is a goofy story: Chase LOST the end of his pinky finger a few years ago in a mishap involving a piece of wire and a dog... don't ask...  but I wanted to say, "PLEASE don't dream of occupations in your future requiring the use of anything sharp, like say for example, a skill-saw!!" :)  Hahaha!!

Me and Aunt B

Above are myself and Aunt "B", Betty Conoley (a very close friend of our family) at her house in CO... she cooked dinner for us one night over the Holidays 1999/2000 and it was wonderful!

Aunt Betty and  Friends ;)

BELOW are my Beautiful Sister, Jamie and my Handsome Nephew, Jason... We are OBVIOUSLY RELATED, don't you think?!

Jamie looks like Alanis Morrisette, wouldn't you say? WOW! :)

They live in Southern California and I would like to let them know I Love them and I'm thinking about them often! :)

Jamie and Jason

*CONGRATS to Jamie & James!!  James & Jamie were married on March 18th!  I couldn't ask for a nicer Brother-in-Law (besides Vinn-Doggie!)


My Handsome Nephew, Jason!

Below is my eldest Brother, Tommy (49), who was a Kind, Sweet, Smart, Loving Brother... He passed-away on Jan. 21st, 2006 and I will NEVER FORGET him!  I think about him everyday and those who have passed before us and I can only think... LIVE LIFE THE BEST WE CAN in THEIR HONOR!  It is here one day and gone the next! But while we are here... we MUST GO ON and ENJOY IT!!  Tommy rests in Forrest Lawn in Burbank and is now hangin'-out with Lucille Ball & Liberace! ;)  He leaves with us two very LOVELY daughters, Taylor and Hailey...

Tommy Carr

Tommy, Taylor & Hailey (Winter 2005/2006)

Meet my Niece, Taylor: Future American Idol! :) 

And here is my Niece, Hailey Carr: Future Guess Jeans Girl!!

My CA Family (less Tommy's Girls):

Tommy, Tom, Patti, Jason, Amy and Jamie...

Patricia Carr-Bosley being Honored with her Star in Palm Springs... Congrats to YOU Patti for Many Years of Contributing to Stage, Film and TV in CA and beyond! :)

Tommy, Tom Bosley, Patricia Carr-Bosley, Jason Car

Patti receives her STAR in Palm Springs! :)

Patricia and Tom posing with two Gentlemen above h

Jason Carr-Congdon, Tom Bosley, Patti Carr-Bosley and a Handsome Stranger

My Nephew, Jason Carr-Congdon with his Grandparents, Patricia Carr-Bosley and Tom Bosley accompanied by a Handsome Stranger in a horse-drawn carriage at Patti's Ceremony.

Below: I sang at Tommy & Stacey's Wedding...
Then, I sang for Tommy's Service when he passed...
I will always sing for My Brother... 
I Love You, Tommy!

Tommy & Stacey's Wedding at Waferers Chapel in CA


Boy... hard to believe it has ALREADY been so long since this picture below was taken for XMAS 2000-- My Brother Wes and My Sis-in-Law, Kim with Lucy! :)  **BEFORE Justin Christopher & Katelyn Jewell!!

Wes & Kim Carr BEFORE Justin & Katelyn
Wes, Kim and Lucy Xmas 2000
Pretty Couple, Huh?

Wes and Justin with Horses at South Fork 2003
Wes and Justin with Horses at South Fork 2003

Justin doing the STINK-BUG!! Summer 2003
Justin doing the STINK-BUG!!

Above: Katelyn, Kim, Wesley & Justin XMAS 2005! ;)
Below:  MMMmmmm... YUMMY necklace, Katelyn??  HEHE!

Jeffrey & Me on New Year's Eve 1999-2000
Shana and Jeff New Year's Eve 1999

Havasu Days! Carr's at Our Finest!
Tommy, Wesley, Me, Maui (then Havasu) Dad

Maui Dad Kimo Carr Baking Fiend! :)

Our Maui Dad, Kimo (Jim) Carr... the Harley Ridin'-Computer Addict-Baking Fiend!! -- Plus he is an extremely talented musician and is a Jazz enthusiast to the HILT-- he played String Bass way back when and THE PLATTERS were even interested in having him play with them before they became famous! :) WOW!! TOO COOL, Kimo! Whenever you're near him and his Bass is within reach... watch OUT... I don't know what he sounded like in his twenties, but he BLOWS ME AWAY when he starts pluckin' away like Paco de Lucia does on the Flamenco Guitar! :) It is like a part of his body-- wonderful! :)
What a GREAT picture, Sandy, Thank YOU! :)

Sandy, Kelly, Sachi and Nikko

Here is my Maui Mom and Maui Sister, Sandy and Kelly!
Kelly has a lovely little girl named Ella who I have yet to meet!  PIX of her will be added when can find one! ;)
I wanted to extend a warm Aloha to my Maui Family!

*Below them are Sachi and Nikko, their doggies! Wes, NO PLAYING FETCH in the HOUSE, K! :) Oooooops! :)

Below is a REALLY nice pic of Kimo & Sandy Carr at the Ritz on Maui! :)

CarRitz!!  Dindin at the Ritz.... Kimo and Sandy! :)

Below are My Grandma Adeline Carr and her son, Kimo (Jim) Carr! :) This pic dates back a ways! :) (Pictured in June of 1986)!) :)

Grandma Adeline Carr with Son, MauiDadKimo


This is my FABULOUS and TALENTED Grandma Adeline "Addie" Carr standing with the hat on and Hawaiian mural behind her!! She is a performer, TOO-- she performed for the USO during WWII and had a country singing group of girls (a quartet) and played piano, tap-danced, performed with marionettes AND she even WON the "Pillsbury Bake-Off" in the 1970's(?) with her "Peanutbutter-Pizza" and won herself a trip to Hawaii!! :) Pretty COOL, huh? She now lives in Arizona, near Pheonix, and sings and plays piano and tells stories to her friends and many others in her presence... Are you starting to SEE exactly WHERE I get it? :) I love you Grandma Carr! :) Somebody SHOW her this! :) FUN!

Me & Michele!!  Our VERY FIRST photo together!! 'VIVA LAS VEGAS', BABY!! ;)

Vinn-Doggie waving in the background!  Haha! :)

Michele & Wesley - VEGAS November, 2005!! :)

Our NEW Sister Michele & her Hubby Vinny w/ Kimo
Michele, Kimo, Vinny
As if this is not confusing ENOUGH!! Haha!


Above is a pic of Jackie... one of my NEW NIECES!  *I need to find a pic to add to this page of Lil' Brit and a pic of Brit & Christina, the remaining daughters of Michele & Vinnie's!

My Lovely 'New' Nieces, Britt, Jacki & Christina

Kim & Jeff - VEGAS November, 2005!! :)



Same Eyes!!! ;)


Above: Tommy & Cheryl
Below: CA FAMILY - WINTER 2005/2006


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